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Breast Augmentation Surgery- All You Need To Know

Breast Augmentation surgery also known as mammoplasty helps enhance the size of your breasts or at times it restores the lost volume of your breasts after a severe weight reduction or pregnancy. Breast Augmentation can be brought about in two ways. One way is to deploy breast implants and the other is to make use of one’s own body fat. The former method is known as breast implants augmentation whereas the latter is known as fat transfer augmentation. Clinically this procedure is referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, whereas colloquially it is termed as boob job. The reasons behind breast augmentation which results in bigger and fuller breasts can either be reconstructive or cosmetic. Breast augmentation surgery not only changes the size of one’s breasts, rather it also alters the shape and texture. The reconstruction breast augmentation would generally involve removing a cancerous breast and the correction of congenital problems in one’s breasts. The cosmetic augmentation would focus on size, shape and texture as mentioned formerly. With the passage of time, breast augmentation has become rampantly popular and is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries. The average of results obtained from this plastic surgery procedure have also been quite satisfactory as more and more women seek to enhance or restore the balance of their figures.

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